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HEAVY MONTREAL 2014 Nashville Pussy and their raw rock, the quartet of men and women
tore down the Scene de l'Apocalypse leaving fans wanting more.  


Up The Dosage  
is Rock & Roll 
to the core.

Nashville Pussy take no prisoners on this album. They fill the room with petrol, light a match and then get the hell out of there, speeding along the highway with 100mph guitar-laden, good old fashioned rock music. Huge guitar riffs, heavy bass, raw, in-your-face vocals and attitude that says Pussy don’t give a fuck whether you like their release or not, and all add up to make one of the most exciting rock albums you will hear for a long, long time. – Altsounds

Nashville Pussy’s sixth studio album is without a doubt the strongest that the band have produced to date.  The Pussies continue to draw from their southern rock roots and blend equal parts sleaze, metal and a tongue-in-cheek sense of humor to create the thirteen superb tracks which make Up The Dosage a landmark recording. – Powerplay Magazine

Welcoming their fifth bass player, Bonnie Buitrago, to the band, Blaine Cartwright, guitarist Ruyter Suys, and drummer Jeremy Thompson have found an incredible musical chemistry that finds them releasing the most relevant, musically solid, rock and roll cd of their careers. Up The Dosage is Nashville Pussy at their hard rocking best. Period. – Legendary Rock Interviews

There are shades of Ted Nugent and ZZ Top amping up the grinding title cut "Pillbilly Blues". Bonnie Buitrago makes this one hers with some gnashing bass trundles on the first couple verses before Blaine and Ruyter riff the crap out of the song. Ruyter Suys and Bonnie Buitrago just might gel better than Buitrago's predecessors. For certain, Ruyter and Bonnie tap into some of the best backing vocal harmonies in the history of Nashville Pussy. –

10 Years of Pussy grabs five cuts from Up The Dosage, Nashville Pussy's most acclaimed album in years. Ruyter Suys and Bonnie Buitrago provide estrogen-laced background chimes, though they raise equal hell with Blaine Cartwright when pushing the songs to their maxes. Nashville Pussy is one of the great bands of the American underground who have pollinated the world with their unbending orgy of commotion.”